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In the Kitchen
Cooking classes, guest chefs in April
The Polaris Grill is sizzling lately with delicious food events.

With this in mind, Chef Paul Marks is putting together a new kind of cooking class in honor of our region’s wonderful cuisine.

“We live in one of the best places in the world for local food, and we really want to celebrate that with great cooking,” he says.

Paul’s new monthly themed cooking classes are a great opportunity to add depth to your at-home culinary experiences. From Tuscany to tamales, each month features a different theme and this month’s participants will be creating three courses rooted firmly in the Northwest. Paul will be answering questions and working with participants on technique. What’s the biggest mistake he sees in amateur chefs?

“Overcooking and overdressing,” he says. “You want to let the taste and beauty of the ingredients shine through, especially with local food.

To top off the class, participants will dine on their dishes and enjoy a glass of wine together with Paul.

We have a Crush
It’s no secret. Seattle is a hotbed for culinary talent.

Paying homage to the bountiful Puget Sound waterways and fertile Cascade river valleys, ingredient-obsessed chefs regularly make waves in the national culinary scene with original menus and restaurant concepts.

With this in mind, Chef Paul Marks is inviting exciting local chefs to create special guest menus at the Polaris Grill. Coined “Friends of Paul,” don’t be surprised if you see some big names gracing the menu at the Bellevue Club in the coming months.

First up, Chef Jason Wilson from Crush makes an appearance with a beautiful five-course meal. The sophisticated little Capitol Hill restaurant has quietly pulled more awards in five short years than most restaurants ever do. Not impressed yet? Jason has been on the Martha Stewart show.

Playfully delicious, Jason’s menu runs from March 30 to April 6 and features dishes like a black garlic and marjoram-roasted lamb loin with truffles cauliflower and currant tapenade.

Is your mouth-watering? Ours too.

For more information about either event, call 688.3384 or e-mail


Executive Chef: Paul Marks |
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