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body | mind photoPRESSURE VALVE
Everyone is stressed at one point or another. Try these four pressure valves next time you feel overwhelmed:
– Write about your feelings.
– Talk to others and express your emotions.
– Exercise to burn off extra energy and release feel-good endorphins.
– Meditate to direct your mind away from stressful thoughts.

— Alex De Moraes, Overlake Medical Clinics, Downtown Bellevue

body | mind photoBAR SOAP BLUES
How many times have you hesitated to tell your skin care professional that you use soap on your face every day instead of liquid cleanser?

Don’t feel embarrassed. Just use the right kind. If you’re not using a specific liquid cleanser, make sure to select a moisturizing soap with ingredients such as glycerin, and plant-based oil. Avoid soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate that can cause dryness.

— Trina Beatty, aesthetician, The Spa at the Bellevue Club

Drinking eight glasses of water per day will help you maintain energy levels, reduce stress and increase your metabolism. It’s also helpful in avoiding pesky, and painful, kidney stones.

—Alex De Moraes, Overlake Medical Clinics, Downtown Bellevue

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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