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taste PhotoServing the Homeless
Polaris server works with local nonprofit

Polaris Grill server Aaron Williams dishes up a different type of cuisine away from the Bellevue Club. As a dedicated volunteer for local nonprofit, Heroes for the Homeless, Aaron hits the streets three times a month to hand out food and survival supplies for area homeless.

“My focus is on their survival,” he says. “It’s mostly food, water, first aid supplies, blankets and clothes.”

He got involved with the group several years ago when he started handing out sandwiches at a local park.

“It turns out that it’s not legal to just pull over and feed people in the park,” he says. “The parks department suggested getting involved with an organization.”

He was connected with Heroes for the Homeless and now serves on their advisory board. Currently working on his master’s degree in information services, Aaron also serves as director of technology and media relations for the group.

He credits his father as inspiration for his volunteer work.

“I remember one Christmas morning my father going over to the neighbor’s place to help repair damage to their house,” he says. “It definitely comes from my father.”

Serving 40 hours a month with the organization, Aaron says it can be physically and emotionally draining.

“Some things in the homeless camp are gut-wrenching,” he says. “With homelessness, the suffering is very overt—you just see it everywhere.”

For families interested in helping out, Aaron first recommends rounding up old coats and hats and donating them to local shelters.

“If you want to take it a step further, numerous organizations offer outreach and contribution opportunities,” he says.

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