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Body | Mind

Feel like you don’t have the time to get to the Bellevue Club for your regular workout? 

Think about simple ways to fit fitness into your day. Try squats while your waiting for your coffee to brew, pulse lunges while you’re taking a break or pushups against your desk or kitchen counter. Little acts of fitness will add up, and you’ll feel better knowing that you did something! 

— Karrie Dutton, Personal Trainer

Looking for a great way to cut calories? Try adding puréed vegetables to your favorite dishes. In a recent report from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers at Penn State University found that by adding two to three cups of puréed vegetables to casseroles, spaghetti and baked goods, they were able to significantly reduce calories—by 200 to 300 per meal on average—without diminishing flavor or reducing portion size. In the study, researchers found that diners ate the same amount of food, whether the meals had puréed vegetables or not. Most importantly, diners didn’t report any differences in taste or enjoyment of the dishes.

–Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoSUMMER SHOWERS
Want sandal-ready feet all summer long? Keep a foot file in the shower and use it everyday for two minutes just before you turn off the water. It’s a routine that’s as easy as, well, taking a shower.

For maximum nail health, apply a drop of cuticle oil on your cuticles and underneath your nails every day to help keep the nail moisturized during drier summer months.

The Spa at the Bellevue Club has both cuticle oil and foot files in stock to keep your feet happy all summer.

—Xuan Nguyen, Nail Technician

Falls are common in older adults but not a natural part of aging. The fear of falling can make matters worse if you severely limit your activities, since this often results in reduced strength and balance and an increased risk of falling. Follow these steps to prevent falls:

  • Wear sensible shoes with nonskid soles.
  • Report any falls to your doctor right away to determine the cause.
  • Share a complete medication list with your doctor to identify side effects that could increase fall risk.
  • Stay active to maintain balance and strength.
  • Make sure entrances, halls and stairways are well lit.
  • Clean spills immediately.
  • Anchor rugs with nonskid material.
  • Store commonly used items in easy-to-reach areas.
  • Install grab bars in bathrooms.
  • Place nonslip mats in tubs and showers.
  • Space furniture to allow clear pathways.
  • Remove clutter, loose wires and cords.

–Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoGARDEN STATE
Lavender is one of my favorite things to plant in my flowerbeds. It attracts bees for pollinating and works great as a food garnish.

Try crushing over vanilla bean ice cream for a calming, delicious summer treat. It also goes great with fresh salmon.

If you’re having a stressful day, you can also wrap some crushed lavender in a warm, wet towel and lay it across your forehead and neck.

—Executive Chef Paul Marks

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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