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The Life Aquatic

There’s an interesting thing about living in Hawaii—everyone already knows how to swim. Literally, everyone. In my three years in Hawaii, I saw babies splashing in the waves, toddlers paddling...

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body | mind

Body | Mind

CUTE CUTICLES Are your cuticles dry and peeling? It’s important to take care of your cuticles. Wear gloves while washing dishes, doing laundry or during any cleaning activity with...

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Veronica Mayo doesn�t have a problem with people digging through her cosmetic bag�in fact, she encourages it. A former American Airlines marketing executive of 20 years, Veronica was packing...

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Got Glambition? Stylish Networking with Girl Power Hour founder It’s a party. It’s a business event. It’s pink. It’s Girl Power Hour. After countless awkward...

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editor's picks

Editor's Picks

REFLECTIONS editor: Stacy Booth | 425.688.3161

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Feature Photo

Remember the mobile phone of the ’80s? The equivalent of carrying a hardbound copy of “War and Peace” in your pocket, those plastic bricks represented the bright future of telecommunications. And...

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Eastside Style Meet two young members making fashion forays Quick with a smile, Blake Simpson is dead serious about his new clothing line, “Sobriety.” And why shouldn’t he...

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f-stop: salt & wine

Photo Review

Taste: Photos from the Salt Pairing Dinner...

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Rate Card Photo

Rates, ad sizes, closing dates, contact information and more. Target your advertising dollars toward this active, affluent, buying audience. See the feature line-up...

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Bellevue North Shopping Center

Gordon James Fine Diamonds