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IN THE BAG By John Kinmonth

Veronica Mayo doesn�t have a problem with people digging through her cosmetic bag�in fact, she encourages it.

A former American Airlines marketing executive of 20 years, Veronica was packing for one of her frequent business trips when she had one of those �lightbulb� moments�the kind you think once and typically forget. Noting the mascara and powder stains on the inside of her favorite cosmetic bag, Veronica thought, wouldn�t it be smart to develop a bag with a removable liner?

5 ReflectionsBut she didn�t forget.

Moving from Dallas to Bellevue in 2007 and leaving American Airlines, Veronica finally had the chance to put her idea in motion.

Launching Vemayca, Veronica went through the learning curve of working with manufacturers to design her dream cosmetic bag.

�I�m no artist, so you would laugh at some of my original drawings,� she says. Veronica may not be an artist, but she definitely knew what she wanted in a bag. Sleek and stylish, with easy zippers and side pockets for credit cards and cell phones, she translated her years of business travel into a bag. Besides being washable, the removable Soft Pearl Liner is silver-toned to make digging through the bag easier in the dark. And women have definitely taken notice.

Fashion commentator Darcy Camden on KING 5�s �New Day Northwest� has featured her Vemayca bags, and Veronica gets orders from all over the country.

Despite the product�s initial success, she�s found the transition from corporate life to entrepreneur tricky.

�When you�re working for a large corporation, you have all these built-in resources,� she says. �When I needed an ad campaign, I called the ad agency and I just worked on strategy. But when you�re an entrepreneur, you have to wear all the hats.�

To ease the transition, Veronica has been intentional about connecting with other entrepreneurs.

�I try to meet with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis. It helps give me energy,� she says.

Despite having a 20-step commute to her office each morning, corporate habits die hard. On a typical workday, Veronica is up at 6 a.m. with coffee in hand.

�I spend about an hour on social media. I write and edit my blogs, check my Facebook and schedule my Tweets,� she says. �I�m a morning person and I always have three things I want to get done each morning.�

Blogging with panache rarely seen in business owners, Veronica has embraced the social-media landscape wholeheartedly. Not only does she have a blog on her company�s site, but she also has a guest blog called �Beautifully Organized� for Girl Power Hour, the ultra-hip women�s business networking group.

�I�ve always been extremely organized,� she says.

When she�s not designing bags, Veronica loves cooking, skiing, wine tasting and hanging out with friends.

�I love anything outdoors and I love the restaurant scene here,� she says.

And no matter where she is, Veronica is always ready to let a stranger dig through her Vemayca bag.

Visit her blog at

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