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body | mind photoCALL OF DUTY: MODERN FUN
Why do kids love video games? Because they’re fun, challenging and competitive. But do you know what else is fun and important for development? Getting off the couch.

This summer, sign your kid up for a week or two at camp. They may complain at first, but after a week of swimming, playing sports and making friends—they’ll most likely be begging for more.

— Katie Barth, Bellevue Club Recreation Director

Farmers’ markets open in many communities this month and offer a great place to stock up on locally grown fruits and vegetables. Many growers raise their crops organically and can talk to you about their farming practices. They can also often provide practical tips on cooking and preparation. You’ll find a tremendous variety of herbs, greens, berries and other fruits and vegetables. Look to your local farmers’ market for fresh, seasonal foods in abundant supply. Good health never tasted so good.

–Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoEXPAND YOUR PALLATE
Want an easy way to eat healthier? Create a colorful plate at every meal. A healthy diet is one that’s focused on plant-based foods in a range of colors. These foods should make up a half to two-thirds of your plate at every meal. In addition to essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, fresh produce contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that help protect our cells and prevent disease. The color of fruits and vegetables are related to the phytochemicals present. Try to vary the colors you consume over the course of a week and you’ll get the widest range of nutrients. Banish the bland and wake up your diet with a kaleidoscope of healthful color.

—Overlake Hospital Medical Center

You already love yoga for your body and mind. Now try yoga for your face. A quick way to firm facial muscles, advocates say it helps promote a more youthful appearance. To relieve under eye puffiness, try placing three fingers under the eye, pull down, and then try to close your eyes. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat five times. Namaste.

— Erin Marsh, Bellevue Club Aesthetician

body | mind photoMIX MASTER
Mixing up your workout is a great way to get more out of those precious hours at the gym. By doing different exercises, you’re keeping your body on its toes and burning more calories. If you’re a runner, try Pilates. Love yoga? Hit a kickboxing class.

For the ultimate new fitness experience, try the TRX suspension system in the Conditioning Studio. It’s a perfect way to sculpt your body in time for beach season.

—Sue Matyas, Bellevue Club Fitness Director

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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