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Season of Magic

Some of you may not know this, but my husband Jason and I work together at the Bellevue Club. We weren’t married when we started here, but actually tied the knot four years ago this month....

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Chef’s Corner

Thankful for Options Thanksgiving is all about the food. It’s the one day a year we allow ourselves to eat past the point of sanity and not even feel guilty about it. But the...

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Photo Review

Wellness Fair 2011 From lectures to demonstrations, samples to discounts, the 2011 Wellness Fair provided members with a wealth of information about everything...

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Feature Photo

Fuel prices are the Achilles’ heel of cars. We’re constantly bombarded by grim news of U.S. oil dependence and the fact that it’s a non-renewable resource. Perhaps it’s for these reasons, and the...

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A Bazaar Overhaul By Allyson Marrs It’s the season … for shopping! But rather than fighting traffic and hunting for parking spots, make it a one-stop...

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Selecting Perfection The Bellevue Club offers a multitude of delicious wines. In fact, we’re some of the biggest fans of the grape. In honor of the Pacific Northwest’s...

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editor's picks

Editor's Picks

REFLECTIONS editor: Stacy Booth | 425.688.3161

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Rate Card Photo

Rates, ad sizes, closing dates, contact information and more. Target your advertising dollars toward this active, affluent, buying audience. See the feature line-up...

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Employee Spotlight: Carol Dodgeson Meet the Swim Whisperer Carole Dodgson is the Swim Whisperer. That’s what her friends call her, anyway. She could also easily go by Aqua...

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body | mind

Body | Mind

HANDLE WITH CARE For healthy fingernails between spa visits, follow these simple steps. • Use an emery board to file nails at a 45-degree angle under the free edge. • Keep both your hands...

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building blocks

Profile Photo

You may have seen Guy’s work around town. Chances are, you’ve even stepped in it at one point. Guy is an engineer. Sectors of Bellevue are part of his resume....

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