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body | mind photoHANDLE WITH CARE
For healthy fingernails between spa visits, follow these simple steps.

• Use an emery board to file nails at a 45-degree angle under the free edge.
• Keep both your hands and cuticles hydrated with Cuccio Pomegranate Fig Revitalizer Complex and SkinCeuticals Hydra-Balm (available at the Spa).
• For stronger nails, use OPI nail strengthener and avoid peeling off polish, as you will also peel off the top layer of your nail.
• To reduce yellow discoloring of the nail, try an OPI Base Coat.

Wave hello to a regular manicure for beautiful hands during chilly fall days.

— Spa Coordinator, Brianna Lindsay

A well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to maintain good health and a healthy weight. Don’t forget to factor in what you drink. It’s often the liquid calories we consume that have the biggest impact on the number we see on the scale. Sugary sips top the list, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 52 percent of Americans drink sugar-laden beverages—sodas and sports and energy drinks—on any given day. The ability to “supersize” sodas is also a contributing factor to weight gain. More empty calories from alcoholic beverages and whipped cream-topped coffee confections can also pack on the pounds. What’s the best way to get your diet back on track? Try a tall, cool glass of water.

–Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoPORTION CONTROL
It’s easy to over indulge. We all have our food weaknesses, and XXL portions are one of the easiest ways to quickly gain weight. But most of the time, it’s mind over belly. Rather than serving dinner “family style,” keep the food in the kitchen to reduce the ease of getting seconds. That short walk from the dining table back to the kitchen may be all it takes to realize you’re full. But if you’re a frequent eater, mini-size it! Eating smaller meals throughout the day prevents you from ever getting too hungry and feeling the need to binge.

—Executive Chef, Paul Marks

To keep your energy levels high while working out, eat a proper snack before hitting the gym. The right balance of carbohydrates and protein will ensure your body has the best nutrients for ultimate results. Try a cup of yogurt with granola or a piece of whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter. A combination of good carbs and a healthy dose of protein is the best bet because carbs are your body’s main source of energy. This will help keep your blood sugar levels consistent, which means no energy crash mid-workout.

–Sue Matyas, Fitness Director

body | mind photoIT'S FLU (SHOT) SEASON
An annual flu shot is recommended for everyone over six months of age to prevent illness, needless doctor visits, hospitalizations and deaths from influenza. Flu shots are readily available at doctors’ offices, public health clinics and many pharmacies. Do your part to help prevent the spread of influenza and make it a point to get your flu shot. And to reduce the spread of colds and other infections, remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your cough and stay home when you’re sick.

—Overlake Hospital Medical Center

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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