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body | mind photoTHE HUNGER GAMES
Want to get ready for swimsuit and shorts season? Only eat when you are hungry! It sounds like odd advice, but people eat for lots of reasons, and shockingly, less than half the time it's because of hunger. Avoid eating when you are triggered by aroma or visuals. If you only eat when you are truly hungry, you are bound to lose weight.

— Cindy Farricker, Registered Dietitian

Outdoor sports are a great way to enjoy nature and stay in shape. If you're just starting out, remember to start slowly and increase your tolerance over time.

Conditioning is the best way to get in shape and improve your abilities in any sport. Conditioning includes resistance or weight training to build muscle strength, stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion and aerobic workouts to improve cardiovascular health. Cardio conditioning helps you use oxygen more efficiently and produce more energy so you can work out longer and harder, and with less effort.

—Overlake Hospital Medical Center

We're in the final months before the sunshine will (theoretically) start making its appearance more often than the rain cloud, and summer season takes the place of the school session. To help expel some of the kids' excess energy from being inside all day, and help ease the anticipation of a long vacation ahead, the Club's Recreation Department hosts week long summer camps! From brain teasers (Chess4Life camps) to adrenaline inducers (All Sports Camp), it's important to keep your kiddos moving!

—Katie Barth, Recreation Director

Symptoms of incontinence—a loss of bladder control—may only be temporary due to a bladder infection or excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine. But for 40 percent of American women older than 50, incontinence problems don't go away.

It may be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, genetic factors or neurologic injury. Left untreated, it can profoundly affect a woman's quality of life.

Treatments range from nonsurgical remedies such as Kegel exercises, biofeedback or medication, to noninvasive procedures such as injections, implants, slings or electrical stimulation.

About 80 percent of people with urinary incontinence can improve their symptoms or be cured. If you're experiencing frequent trouble with bladder control, talk to your doctor.

–—Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoBARE BENEFITS
There are numerous benefits to waxing besides cosmetic appearance. For women, it means that the daily shaving battle disappears, with nicks, cuts and razor burns leaving with it. Shaving creams can also dry out the skin, leaving it irritated. And removal creams typically have a myriad chemicals, which can cause an allergic reaction. In the Spa, we offer full-body waxing—for guys too—with natural ingredients. It's an easy way to remove hair and keep smooth for longer. Regular waxing can even cause hair to grow back finer and sparser over time.

—Erin Marsh, Spa Aesthetician

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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