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The new Your Body, Your Life program has graduated its first class with a slew of success stories from the participants. In just the first couple of weeks, the group lost more than 50 pounds, utilizing total-wellness techniques offered by the team who created the program.

In a circular pattern of success, more energy prompts more motivation, and the group has lost the weight and gained new tools on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Program creator and Wellness Coordinator Jason Kennedy saw the importance in a program that would be about permanent results rather than a series of plateaus. "To achieve real and lasting success, it requires a team of people all working together to really help make the meaningful and lasting changes in a person's life," he said.

"There are so many factors in play regarding becoming healthy that I realized that we needed a program here at the Club that could really make a significant difference in people's everyday lives," said Jason.

Because every individual has a different body type and lifestyle, YBYL tailors its wellness plan to each participant. "Our program is successful because we adapt to the needs of our clients," he said.

But the battle of weight loss encompasses so much more than bodily changes. "I think what makes me the happiest is knowing that we are making significant changes in people's lives and that they will be healthier, happier and have more energy for years to come as a result of our program.  We are improving the health of our members—one person at a time."

Club Dietitian, Cindy Farricker's Take
When Jason told me about the concept of having a comprehensive weight-loss program at the Club, I was thrilled. Having nutritional counseling, stress-reducing massage and cardiovascular training rolled up together in a weight-loss program is, in my opinion, the perfect approach.

Participants in the first group going through YBYL range from young professionals to seniors with a fairly even mix of men and women. Everyone has been successful, and it is rewarding to see folks achieving diet and exercise goals that eluded them in the past.

Having a wellness focus is key in YBYL. As a dietitian, I am able to help people make changes in their diets that improve their overall health and well-being. Comments many participants have made is how much better they feel. They have more energy on fewer calories and find that they are not as hungry. They're feeling the benefits of good nutrition.

Since I provide new food ideas each week, many people have ventured outside their comfort zone only to happily find that they love the new choices. Families are eating the same food, which is a first for many who have tried various diet programs in the past. By helping people gradually adapt their typical foods into the overall meal plan, they see that this is something they can stick to for life.

Cardio Coach, Annelise Digiacomo's Take
Working as a cardio coach has been very gratifying. Many going through the YBYL program have shared with me that this portion of the program is different from anything they have done before. Yes, they've done cardio training, but they haven't really known if the work they are doing is providing the benefits they are seeking. A cardio coach provides guidance through the workouts, education on cardiovascular fitness and information about how the training zones work for members at different intensities. 

It's been exciting seeing the changes in thought perception about cardio just over a few weeks, teaching participants how to utilize time efficiently and working out in their individual training zones that are set using results from their Active Metabolic Assessment.

I have already seen many changes, with their starting heart rates lowering, which indicate a stronger and healthier heart. Recovery heart rates are dropping quicker, showing improved fitness levels as well as being able to increase the intensities at which each is working out. 

The great thing about the YBYL program is that it is tailored to each person's specific needs and goals—while some might be looking to lower their blood pressure, improve blood glucose and cholesterol or lose weight, others seek information on how to more effectively work out. 

We really are seeing a variety of members come through, and to know that you play just a small part in helping them make new lifestyle changes is very rewarding. 

wellness warrior

By Allyson Marrs

Each month, we'll feature a Bellevue Club member who's made a change in his or her life with the help of the Club's Wellness program.

In January, the Club launched a new weight-loss and health-improvement program, Your Body, Your Life. This month's warrior is one of the initial 10 participants in the program, who demonstrated incredible success within the first three weeks.

"I wanted to get my body back!" said member Liz Mullan. "When I saw the email in mid-December for the Your Body, Your Life program, I saw a comprehensive program that could help me define a healthy and appropriate fitness program complemented by a revamp of my diet," she said.

Liz viewed the program as a way to further her investment in the Club since it offered such thorough strategies. With support from a personal trainer, a registered dietitian and a cardiovascular coach, every aspect of a usually daunting, sometimes confusing, process is covered. "I find coming to the Club more enjoyable, and I now feel confident navigating the different cardio equipment," said Liz.

In the first three weeks, her work with personal trainer Frank Knapp and the rest of the YBYL team brought her one-third closer to her goal weight. She's learned healthier eating habits, using tips from registered dietitian Cindy Farricker for eating locally, and studied the benefits of heart-rate training from cardio coach Annelise Digiacomo.

"The support from the YBYL team has been amazing!" she said. "The program is a lot of hard work, but worth it. I believe you get out of it what you put into it." Liz said her body feels great and her motivation has never been stronger. She's been continually building on the foundation that YBYL has provided her with, and she's excited to get started on more of her goals, like running half marathons in less than two hours.

"When I told friends that I'm doing the 'Biggest Loser' at the Bellevue Club, their reaction was extremely supportive, but others were surprised as they didn't think I 'qualified' for such a program," said Liz. "But whether you want/need to lose 30 or 100 pounds, this is a great program to help you safely get physically active—all with the support from an extremely experienced team. They provided you with a set of tools that I believe is sustainable for life beyond the program."

The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. In addition, if you want a more individualized approach, the Club's Your Body, Your Life program might be for you. Call 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


Wellness Coordinator: Jason Kennedy | 425-688-3461 |

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