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Fit For the New Year

The New Year signals the beginning of change. For some, the change manifests itself into a new opportunity or as a new family tradition. For many, it's the starting line for a journey to a new you—a...

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business connect

Business Connect

The Quieter Half By Allyson Marrs "At the root of communication challenges is frequently a lack of understanding that we all have different ways of gathering,...

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5-SENSE TEST By Allyson Marrs It's the heart of the winter season. Among all the great things this time brings, body fogginess and dulled senses also hitch a ride....

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"We had an idea as to what it was going to be like. It turned out to be completely different." Up they went. Onward they moved. Up, up and up. At last, at 14,411 feet, they...

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Rate Card Photo

Rates, ad sizes, closing dates, contact information and more. Target your advertising dollars toward this active, affluent, buying audience. See the feature line-up...

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PICTORIAL STROLL Imagine gliding through a majestic winery with nothing around you except pure winter beauty. On Saturday, Jan. 21, you can make this a reality at Icicle Ridge...

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THRIFTY INDULGENCE By Joyce Combs The January effect: a money hangover. The first of the month commemorates joyous occasions—the start of a new year,...

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Photo Review

Tennis Bellevue Club/Mercer Island Country Club Tennis Championships Women's 4.0-4.5 Doubles: Ann Seifert, Susan...

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Feature Photo

The technology revolution brought us many great things and is continuing to do so. But gadgets and appliances aren't the only items getting a technical facelift. When it comes to burning calories,...

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STARTING YOUNG Bask in idyllic scenery while walking through the grounds, followed by a wine dinner in a warm log cabin. By Allyson Marrs...

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Healing Scents A sniffle here, a cough there and stress everywhere. Before heading to the doc or the local drugstore, make a stop in the market's garden section. Certain plants...

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editor's picks

Editor's Picks

REFLECTIONS editor: Stacy Booth | 425.688.3161

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body | mind

Body | Mind

COFFEE HELPS FUEL BETTER MOOD FOR WOMEN Coffee can help women jump-start their day—as well as their mood. Recent studies show that women who regularly drink caffeinated coffee have a 20 percent...

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