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By Allyson Marrs

Each month, we'll feature a Bellevue Club member who's made a change in his or her life with the help of the Club's Wellness program.

Steve Legg just wasn't seeing the results he desired. He had tried a diet— exercise even—but it wasn't providing what he needed. "No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't lose weight on my own. I realized I needed professional help," he said.

For many who are finally ready to make a physical and health-related change in their life, not seeing results after putting in the effort is tormenting. It can be easy to want to throw in the towel.

Back in March, determined and ready, Steve signed up for Your Body Your Life. The personalized nutrition counseling opened Steve's eyes to options. "The modification of my eating habits was huge. Thanks to Cindy the nutritionist, I've learned that meals can be delicious and filling, and you can still lose weight," Steve said.

And adding the two to the one-two punch, training with Rose provided the assistance and education he needed to maximize his workouts. "I've learned which exercises are best for me and why. My cardio trainer, Annelise, has taught me how to maximize weight loss and improve stamina through the proper performance of cardio workouts."

By the end of the year, Steve is confident that he'll lose another 20 pounds, which he credits to everything he learned in YBYL. Even better, he knows he can maintain the loss.

"By absorbing what my trainers are telling me and doing the work they lay out for me, I've lost a significant amount of weight and my flexibility has improved to a marked degree," he said.

Steve gives special credit to Rose, Cindy and Annelise for all that's he's accomplished. Their motivation kept him going during the six-week program. "They really know their stuff, and if you just do what they ask of you, amazing results can be had."

But the program isn't just about looking great; it's about feeling better. "All in all, I feel happier and more 'athletic.' "

The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. In addition, if you want a more individualized approach, the Club's Your Body, Your Life program might be for you. Call 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


Wellness Coordinator: Jason Kennedy | 425-688-3461 |

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