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wellness photoFOOD FOR THOUGHT
Q&A with the Club's newest Wellness team member: Dietitian Wendy Caamano
By Allyson Marrs

What's been some of your experience before the Bellevue Club?
I have been doing nutrition counseling for Rehabilitation Options of Issaquah, Fred Meyer and QFC's corporate wellness programs and other health clubs through my private practice. I have done presentations for organizations, such as Women's Sport Foundation, Seattle Pacific University and Swedish Medical Center, on topics ranging from disordered eating to exercise and diabetes. I have enjoyed offering cooking classes and nutrition seminars as well. While receiving my master's degree in nutrition from Bastyr University, I had the amazing opportunity to mentor under Joy Bauer, the registered dietitian for the "Today Show."

What are you most looking forward to with your new position?
I am looking forward to helping members reach their health goals. I am excited to help make dreams of overall health and wellness a reality. Eating well and making healthy choices don't have to be difficult and frustrating; food can be fun and exciting! I look forward to making food enjoyable again and teaching members to become intuitive eaters. Food should be easy; we have too many other things to worry about.

How do you think nutrition fits in with an exercise regime when a person is trying to lose weight?
Nutrition may be that missing link. Just eating well or just exercising regularly may not be enough for most people to reach their weight-loss target. It is amazing the results people can get when they truly commit to a lifestyle change, including a regular exercise routine and a healthy, balanced, whole-food diet.

What kind of involvement will you have with the Your Body, Your Life program?
I'll provide personalized nutrition counseling. Along with that, I will work with the rest of the Your Body, Your Life team to offer support and motivation to members. I am honored to have the opportunity to be involved with such an amazing wellness team and remarkable program.

Anything else?
I am truly looking forward to being a part of the Bellevue Club. I am excited to work with everyone from athletes to kids and families, and to offer nutrition classes and seminars to all. I am just thrilled to be a part of such an amazing community!

wellness warrior

wellness photoMAKING TIME
By Allyson Marrs

Each month, we'll feature a Bellevue Club member who's made a change in his or her life with the help of the Club's Wellness program.

Erica Weisfield is a college student and a personal trainer at Bellevue College. Her schedule is packed. "My goal for (Your Body Your Life) was to get into the habit of eating healthy and making the right choices when it comes to food, but also getting into the habit of physical activity on a daily, or even weekly, basis," she said.

With her fitness background, Erica knew that eating right and getting physical activity often is a key to reducing stress—something she needed with her hectic days. But she wasn't sure how to start this change.
So she signed up for YBYL.

Erica was nervous that she wouldn't be able to maintain the diet—homework and snacking often go together—and that she wouldn't find time for exercise. "I happened to be wrong," she said. "Thankfully enough, throughout that first week, and still today, I have an amazing support team that knows what I am going through and trying to accomplish, so they helped out a ton!"

It only took her a week to master better eating habits. "After that first week, other foods didn't even sound appealing. Now I happen to be the worst person to take out to dinner or have around your dinner table since I'm so passionate about the nutrition side of it," she said.

One of the most important things Erica learned was to eat before she got a headache or stomachache from hunger, which happened often when she got caught up doing something else. "With just starting to change the times I ate, even if I wasn't hungry, I have seen huge improvements on how easy certain homework assignments are, or even just getting through the day with having extra energy."

As a personal trainer, she's even picked up some tricks, learning how to exercise multiple muscle groups at a time.

The beginning was difficult, but when Erica started seeing results, it kept her motivated.

"Once I got a scale for myself at home and got into the habit of weighing myself often, I started to really notice the changes, knowing that this is how I want to live my life."

Erica's opting to enroll in continuing support, which is a great option for those who worry about leaving the confines of the program, but still need some flexibility. It's a reminder of the habits learned in the program and a built-in support system, all in one. "I have had nothing but positive experiences from this program, and I'm sad that it is over," she said.

"The best lesson that I learned from this is that it definitely can make you feel like a new person and feel healthier. It turned what started out as a program or a diet, into a lifestyle."

The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. In addition, if you want a more individualized approach, the Club's Your Body, Your Life program might be for you. Call 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


Wellness Coordinator: Jason Kennedy | 425-688-3461 |

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