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wellness warrior

wellness photoIN IT FOR THE ENERGY
By Allyson Marrs

Each month, we'll feature a Bellevue Club member who's made a change in his or her life with the help of the Club's Wellness program.

Ten pounds gone and down a jeans size. Allison Frey is another Your Body, Your Life participant who is seeing (and feeling) the results from the all-inclusive program.

Allison began her journey the first of the year. "I wanted to get started as soon as possible," she said.

She saw a possibility for variation with YBYL, which initially attracted her into signing up. "I've been on and off different 'lifestyle' diets and wanted to shake up my routine," she said. "I thought this would be an excellent way of approaching my personal wellness from all various aspects: diet/nutrition, cardio, strength and stress management."

One of the program's most popular aspects is cardio coaching, which is one detail that Allison was particularly interested in. "For me, the biggest learning curve was the cardio training.  Everything I thought I knew—which had been taught to me by trainers in the past—was backward or wrong. I realized after my first session that I had no idea how to really strengthen my heart."

But with cardio coaching from Annelise, this soon changed.

Allison also picked up some tricks for making healthier eating simpler and less boring. "The balanced diet ideology—varied foods, varied calorie intake, et cetera, has made it easier to eat well and stay eating well," she said. "It's nourishing my body as opposed to losing weight through gimmicks."

YBYL is designed to help transition into a lifestyle change, making these practices stick so participants don't gain the weight right back as soon as it's over. As of press time, Allison has been out of the program for two weeks, and says that it has not been difficult to practice everything she learned throughout YBYL.

And the benefits keep coming.

"While (losing weight) is exciting, it's not the best part. I've got energy to spare," she said. With three children younger than seven, Allison was typically exhausted by day's end. "Now, I feel great all day, am more productive during the day and sleep well at night."

She even suffered through strep throat while going through the program, but says it wasn't as bad as strep usually is.

Allison's participation in YBYL started as a way to beat the habit of gaining weight in the winter, but after six weeks, she's picked up some different habits, which will help kick next winter's butt.

The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. In addition, if you want a more individualized approach, the Club's Your Body, Your Life program might be for you. Call 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


Wellness Coordinator: Jason Kennedy | 425-688-3461 |

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