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body | mind photoFITTING IN FITNESS
Life can get busy, but you can benefit from even small amounts of moderate activity throughout the day. Regular physical activity can significantly lower your risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The American Cancer Society suggests these simple substitutions:
• Take the stairs rather than an elevator.
• Walk or bike to your destination.
• Take a 20-minute exercise break to stretch or take a walk.
• Walk to visit coworkers instead of sending an email.
• Use a stationary bicycle or treadmill while watching TV.

Always look for opportunities to be active throughout your day!

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

The single best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot each season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone six months and older get vaccinated. Flu shots are readily available at your doctor's office, public health clinics and many pharmacies. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for your body to be protected against the flu. To reduce the spread of colds and other infections, remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your cough and stay home when you're sick.

— Overlake Hospital Medical Center

body | mind photoTREATING AGE SPOTS
The first step is to protect your skin: Don't put away your broad-spectrum sunscreen and shades after summer. The sun and snow-glare can still damage your skin. Keep up daily applications and reapply every two hours if you're outdoors.

To work on the spots you already have, you'll see faster results using an Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA) serum, such as glycolic acid or a Retinoid, to enhance penetration of bleaching agents (as effective as hydroquinone without harmful side effects) and speed up production of new, non-pigmented cells.

Perfect product combinations for any time of day are available at the Spa:

• Morning: SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF or Phloretin CF Gel, followed by Pigment Regulator, moisturizer and sun block.
• Night: SkinCeuticals Retinol every other night and Pigment Regulator on the other nights.

For a less aggressive treatment for sensitive to normal skin types, try:

• Morning: Phloretin CF or Phloretin CF Gel followed by Pigment Regulator, moisurizer and sun block.
• Night: Pigment Regulator followed by Renew Overnight (10 percent blend AHA)

Trina Beatty, Spa Aesthetician

If you have a gluten-free diet, a Thanksgiving feast can be a challenging meal. Simple tweaks can make all the difference, starting with a hormone-free, pesticide-free bird and its stuffing. Rather than the typical bread stuffing, use apple cider vinegar, brown rice, quinoa, dried cranberries, ground nuts and herbs. For gluten-free gravy to go over your root vegetables, combine cornstarch or arrowroot powder with water and chicken stock. Even with a food allergy, Thanksgiving can still be a holiday filled with delicious foods.

Executive Chef Paul Marks

body | mind photoDOING THE MATH
It's no secret that mostly everything we eat and drink has calories. These calories are a measurement of the energy our body uses throughout the day. The amount you should consume on a daily basis is largely affected by your gender, height, weight and activity level, but there are a couple universal truths. If you eat more calories than your body uses during the day, your body will store them, causing you to gain weight. If you eat fewer, you lose pounds. To trim your weight at the healthy rate of ½ to 2 pounds a week, you'll need to trim roughly 500 calories a day from your diet in addition to working out. But it's also about the quality of the calories; not just the quantity.

Wendy Leigh Caamano, Wellness Director

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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