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new year's resolutions for 2014

December 2013

Bellevue Club Reflections

Editor's Picks

editor's picks photowhether you make a formal resolution or just set a goal, this is the perfect time to get ready for change.

1. Stay Together Family is arguably the most important part of life. Spending valuable time together, though, often falls victim to hectic schedules. So whether you designate a game night, a family meal or even just an hour at the local ice cream shop, make time to reconnect.

2. Volunteer Start with a small commitment, as you never want to go back on your word when volunteering. Even if it is once a month, selflessly giving your time can be very satisfying.

3. Swap It If you’re trying to kick a bad habit, swap it for a healthy one. If you reach for a smoke in the afternoon, reach for a cup of water with a straw instead. If you eat in bed, keep your hands busy with a book and your mouth busy with a piece of bubblegum. Use your routines for good.

4. Do Something that Scares You If you’re prone to planning, take an impromptu vacation. If you’re afraid of heights, ride a roller coaster. Venturing out of your comfort zone is a rewarding experience and helps you discover qualities about yourself you never knew existed.

5. Shake up Your Routine Life can become a bit dull, especially when you’re doing things monotonously. Changing your routine can be as easy as working out in the morning rather than the evening, taking back roads to work, declaring Friday pizza night or swapping home responsibilities with your spouse.

6. Open Your Mind In keeping with the theme of trying new things, make an effort to learn something new. You can hit the books with an online course, or study a language you dropped in high school. Or, you can dabble in the arts with creative writing or pottery making. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

7. Be Your Own Advocate It’s time to treat yourself well, before you can expect anyone else to do the same. If you have been putting in extra hours and effort at work, ask for the raise you deserve. If you are constantly tired, go to bed an hour earlier. If you want more time with family, make time. You are in control, so just make sure to take it.

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