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December 2013



wellness photoFamily Matters

If your family is constantly trying to find a balance between schedules, it can be hard to make time for each other. But spending quality time together is invaluable, especially for younger children and teens. Start by choosing one night a week and designating it "family night." During this time, outlaw all electronic devices and do something together—whether you cook a meal, play board games or take a walk. Even a few hours together can make a difference.

Katie Barth, Recreation Director

clean machine

Cold and flu season is upon us. While exercising is a great way to stay healthy, workout machines can be home to germs when not cleaned properly. To protect yourself and others, always make sure to wipe down your machine with a clean towel and cleaning solution, available in every studio, after your workout. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also available in every studio for extra care.

—Sue Matyas, Fitness Director

acts of kindness

This month is usually a bit hectic and stressful for everyone. We’re pulled in a million different directions and are expected to have the patience, energy and grace to handle it all. Simple things can make someone’s day, while boosting your own happiness. Acts as small as leaving a kind note for someone to unexpectedly find, saying thank you and meaning it, offering a helping hand before it’s asked for or even telling those you love exactly how much you appreciate all they do are all little gestures with big impacts.

—Kaarin Keil, Membership Director

get up & go!

Three days a week, scores of seniors pace around a one-mile loop at Bellevue Square Mall. Walk for Life is co-sponsored by Overlake Medical Center and the Bellevue YMCA. Walk for Life attracts an average of 70 seniors each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9:30 a.m. A trained Walk for Life coordinator helps participants sign in, find the one-mile and half-mile courses, record miles walked, and take vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate for those who are interested. For more information on Walk for Life, call 425-688-5259 or visit

-Overlake Hospital Medical Center

stay healthy through the holidays

Rich foods, high-calorie drinks, lack of exercise and stress can take a toll on your mind and body during the holidays. It’s important to take these steps to stay healthy while enjoying some holiday cheer:

• Get enough sleep
• Deal with stress – exercise, get a massage, find time alone
• Find time to stay active and exercise
• Eat healthy outside of holiday gatherings
• Enjoy holiday treats in moderation
• Drink water and take your vitamins

-Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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