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staying healthy through the holidays

December 2013

Danielle Zorn


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Everyone talks about how busy they are during the holiday season, with all the shopping to do, parties to attend, people to see. What no one has time for is a visit to the emergency room. But with all the hustle and bustle, accidents are bound to happen. Let’s just say last year wasn’t particularly lucky, here are preventive tips to make this year better—and safer.

Last year: You broke your leg while climbing the ladder to hang icicle lights.

This year: Hire help from Brothers Holiday Lighting, located in North Bend. Or if you want to do it yourself, purchase a lighting pole—they actually exist. Either way, you’ll put Clark Griswold to shame.

Last year: Your nose was as red as Rudolph’s from that pesky cold for the entire month of December.

This year: Buy a super-size-me amount of vitamin C tablets from Costco, a package of Emergen C from the drugstore, and religiously eat satsumas from the grocery store. Also wash your hands regularly, and germs will have a tough time crossing that immune defense.

Last year: Your friends didn’t warn you about the eggnog—you’re lactose intolerant.

This year: At the next holiday party you attend, BYOE: Bring Your Own Eggnog. Opt for a lactose-free version of the holiday classic or turn to page 24 and get some other ideas for holiday spirits so you don’t miss out on a tasty holiday drink.

Last year: You experienced anxiety overload from the overcrowded mall and gridlocked downtown traffic.

This year: Consider relaxing by the fire with your computer, iPad, or smartphone, and click away on your favorite websites for some online shopping. The catch, of course, is delivery time, so think ahead to avoid pacing by the front door awaiting the arrival of the UPS driver.

Last year: Scalding hot cinnamon-scented wax dripped on your hand while you were lighting candles around the house.

This year: Purchase a few holiday-scented plug-ins, or stick with flameless candles. You can get electric candles that still flicker, which will contribute to your cozy ambiance. This way you don’t even need to remember to blow them out at the end of the night.

Last year: You slipped on ice while walking next door to ask for figgy pudding.

This year: Go to REI and buy yourself a pair of strap-on crampons. Before heading outside on the slick walkway, attach them to your shoes. This way you can carry more pudding without using your arms for balance.

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