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uncorked photoTHE WINE LOVER

There are a lot of wonderful things in life to love—a lazy Sunday, a good meal and a sunny day. Personally, though, I just love wine. I love red, I love white and I love sparkling. I love tasting new bottles, and I love keeping my favorites in stock.

For the wine lover, normal activities are enhanced through wine goggles. The wine goggles aren't an after effect, like they are for beer, but rather they're the before effect.

These goggles are automatically in place when the wine lover goes to the grocery store, out to eat or stays at home to sit on the couch.

At the grocery store, wine lovers don't just look for food; they look for food that will pair. They're looking for special ingredients that will bring out the special notes in a vintage bottle of wine. They're looking to build certain recipes as a way to find a food and wine pairing staple—something they can entertain with or gift to a friend.

Joyce CombsSimilarly, the grocery store provides an opportunity to gather a meal first and hunt for a bottle second. The two are as unbreakable as diet and exercise— although the first two may be a bit more fun to indulge.

When going out to dine, wine lovers don't just glance at the wine menu. No, they study it, base their meal around it, and come in with questions for their server. For them, it's not just a nice beverage to enjoy with the meal. For them, it's a very important part of the meal—an experience in itself.

The wine is meant to be something sipped and savored almost, almost making that steak second star. Some wine lovers may even base their restaurant selection off of the wine menu, or a dignitary sommelier on the staff.

At home, wine lovers can really let loose. They can open multiple bottles—drink them all too—swirl, sniff and taste, all without the judgment of those who don't understand the affection.

A fridge becomes a wine cellar. Or, a cellar becomes an actual wine cellar because the most extreme wine lovers just can't live without a designated space for their favorite beverage.

To them, it's better than chocolate; it's better than roses. Wine is the ultimate Valentine's gift for wine lovers, and if you're lucky, they may even share.


Joyce Comb's is the Club's Purchasing Manager.

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