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editor's picks photo10 WAYS TO BEAT SUMMER BOREDOM
"I'm bored" are two words that have no use or meaning during the summer. If you hear your child, your teen or yourself uttering the phrase, take note of ways to beat the boredom.

  1. Put on a show. Some children are natural-born performers, so host a living room talent show. Between the practicing, the costume gathering and deciding on the show list, it'll fill the afternoon.
  2. Have a field day. Turn your backyard into a competition—think balloon toss, three-legged race, whipped cream and bubble gum and a hula hoop roll.
  3. Go to camp. The Bellevue Club always has a plethora of summer camps available—for super heroes, sports champs, artists and more—and you can even take a whole bunch, not just one, throughout the summer.
  4. Hit the water. A one-day rafting trip on the Wenatchee River (July 13) is a fun way to beat the heat and enjoy nature—great for the whole family.
  5. INDULGE. For adults, summer is the best time to taste wine, with hundreds of local wineries offering sips in the sunshine.
  6. Get messy. Have a water balloon fight, create a mudslide or dig for buried treasure. Summer is the time to get a little dirty!
  7. Camp in your backyard. Pull out the family tent and the s'mores goodies. You can trade ghost stories and watch the stars.
  8. Take in a movie poolside. The second Friday of each month is the Club's float-in movie night. This summer, watch "Shark Tale" in July and "The Land Before Time" in August.
  9. Learn a new skill. Adults can become better acquainted with local farmers markets (July 13), teens can become Red Cross-certified lifeguards through the Club's Aquatics Department (Aug. 19-23) and youth can master cooking in the kids' cooking workshop (Aug.19).
  10. Volunteer. The community is always in need of volunteers of all ages. From the Humane Society to Habitat for Humanity to readers and visitors for elder-care homes, you're needed somewhere.


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