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editor's picks photo10 WAYS TO GET READY FOR SUMMER
It's here (in theory), and though the weather may be spotty, you can still prepare yourself for one great season.

  1. Treat your body well. It's best to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, but our GPX program, where most classes are at least 50 minutes, puts you ahead of the game.
  2. Care for your skin. Proper sun protection and daily cleansing provide the one-two punch you'll need. The Spa also offers additional treatments, such as a renew pedicure and body bronzer.
  3. Clean your closet. As one season comes to a close, get rid of the items you never wore during the winter by donating them locally.
  4. Enjoy seasonal treats. It's berry season, so whether you pick your own or buy from the farmers market, indulge in fresh eating.
  5. Hydrate. When the weather warms, it's even more crucial to get your recommended eight glasses of water daily.
  6. Scrub. Skin may become extra flaky as it dries out, so exfoliate daily to achieve healthy, glowing skin.
  7. Forget the salt. Excess salt can create puffiness and under-eye bags because it causes the body to retain water. De-bloat with foods rich in Vitamins E and C.
  8. Nourish your nails. Before you hit the sand and the surf, which can really damage your nails, get a cuticle treatment for added strength and health.
  9. Take stock. Empty the cabinets of all the winter comfort foods and replace with fresh produce and easy-to-grab, nutritional snacks.
  10. Finish the list. Cross off any projects you've procrastinated, with an early-June deadline. This way, you'll have a summer free of tedious obligations.


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