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We always try to use the freshest local ingredients in everything we cook at the Club. Though, with produce, this is not always possible.  During the winter months, much of our produce comes from other states, but now that winter is over, we are looking forward to our local produce again!

We work with Charlie's Produce (Charlie is a member, and you can find him on the basketball courts), which works with local farmers from all over Washington.

We also believe in supporting our local businesses, whether it's the coffee we serve—Caffé D'Arte, locally roasted coffee beans since 1985—to the 15 local bakeries that we work with. 

Macrina makes the most delicious brioche rolls we use for our sliders in Cosmos; Alki Bakery makes the best cinnamon roll I have personally ever had; and our newest addition, Eden Bakery, is making a splash with gluten free and vegan cooking. From cookies and cupcakes to breads and muffins, I have been truly impressed with their treats.

Besides the locally purveyed products that we try to use, we also try to cook for you in the healthiest ways we can. We are working closely this year with the Wellness Department and our resident Wellness Director and registered dietitian Wendy Caamano.

You may have noticed new labels on our menus recently, and these come from the union of our restaurants and Wellness Department. We are working specifically with the award-winning Your Body Your Life program to make sure participants can find plenty of nutritious options at the Club.

Look for the W (Wellness) and the YBYL (Your Body Your Life) logos on the menus in Splash and Polaris Grill, and on the stickers in Luna Express.

Wellness food label defined
A wellness (w) label means the plate/item/dish includes one or more of the following:
• Whole foods (nonprocessed, in their natural form, as harvested).
• 100 percent whole grain or "whole" listed as one of the first ingredients. All three parts of the grain (bran, germ and endosperm) remain intact—it has not been stripped of its nutrients.
• Low fat
• Prepared with heart-healthy fats (omega-3s and monounsaturated fats). Saturated fat content from meat and dairy is low. 
• A high amount of fiber (soluble and insoluble). Fiber helps lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, add bulk to keep you full with fewer calories and maintain intestinal health.
• Balance (a balanced meal includes carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats). Balanced meals stabilize blood sugar, slow digestion and help sustain energy.
• Lots of color—a variety of color brings different nutrients (vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients [plant chemicals] to promote and maintain optimal health). These foods are also typically high in fiber.

Your Body Your Life food
label defined
A Your Body Your Life (YBYL) label means the plate/item/dish includes one or more of the following:
• The item can be found in the Your Body Your Life meal plan.
• The item/dish fits into a recommended calorie range of 250-500.
• One or more of the Wellness food label definitions is included.

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