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living well

living well


By Allyson Marrs

One speed, one level, one routine—no fun. If you're getting bored with your workout, chances are, you're no longer working hard enough. Once your mind deserts the exercise, your body is likely to follow suit.

The only way to keep yourself motivated to work out consistently—think five days a week—is by having a bit of fun along the way. Yes, it's about challenging your body, but if you dread that hour a day, every day, chances are you're not doing the right thing for you.

There's always a little wiggle room in a workout; so even if you're a runner, and only a runner, you can make small changes to your regimen to keep your body pushing at full throttle.

Shift gears during these popular workouts, both to personalize them and to make them a bit tougher.

Running on the Treadmill
If you're used to running just one speed for 30 minutes, you may be feeling a bit bored. Your body feels it, too.

Switch it up with intervals. You can start with a quick walk (3.7) or jog (5.0), but then boost it up by sprinting (7.0) for a minute. Slow it down to a run (5.5-6.0) for five minutes.

Repeat this pattern for 30 to 40 minutes, increasing or decreasing certain intervals, whichever will keep your heart rate up. Remember, this should feel challenging, but not impossible.

To get more of your body involved, place a pair of weights next to the machine and jump off every three minutes to do one minute of arm exercises.

Exercising Alone
Maybe you have a competitive personality, or maybe you gain more energy by surrounding yourself with others. Either way, trudging along on an elliptical will not satisfy your training craving.

Grab a buddy and race each other on the treadmills, or see who can climb more flights on the stair climber.

If you prefer a group dynamic to a competitive edge, drop in to one of the Club's GPX classes. With enough options to satisfy any physical interest, boredom is a word that has no meaning. From high energy (Zumba, ultimate fitness and spin) to body control (barre, yoga and Pilates), you can do something new every day, with new people every day.

You're a three-sets-of-thirty kind of lifter. You hit your mark, and then move on to the next zone. Rather than counting, though, try lifting until you simply can't lift anymore. Maybe you make it 20, and maybe you make it to 50. The number doesn't matter. Get fatigued and maybe a little sore. That matters.

For an added change, switch what you lift. If you're used to dumbbells, try kettlebells for a week. If you use weight machines, opt for free weights combined with your body's own resistance.

It's easy to get comfortable with something, and in most aspects of life, it's a wonderful thing. But when it comes to the gym, when your body is comfortable, it's not working as hard as it could be.
You don't have to give up your favorite workout—just make some changes to bust through the rut.


The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. In addition, if you want a more individualized approach, the Club's award-winning Your Body Your Life program might be for you. Call 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


The Bellevue Club offers a variety of wellness programs, classes and seminars. From personal training to nutrition to life coaching, we have experts who can help you realize whole body wellness.

The Club's Your Body Your Life program can help you find the track you need. If you think it might be for you, give us a call at 425-688-3461 or email for more information.


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