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pooling our resources

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As I sat in my emergency disaster training seminar, the instructor referred to the Bellevue Club employees as "your team members," but stopped short and asked, "is that how you refer to the employees?"

Before I had a chance to think about it, I spoke up. "Yes, that's perfect."

Now that I take a moment to think about my response, I wonder, what was it that made my response so automatic?

When I think about it, my thoughts are filled with the faces and smiles of people I see every day—of David or Jonathon when I check in at the Athletic Entrance, of Klaas and Andy during BCST practices in the competition pool or of Chelsea and Allyson in Communications when I pick up my flyers and posters.

There's Glen and Slav, whom I see when I order my fish tacos in Splash. There's Amy in Child Care, whom I walk by on my way to the Membership Office.

I instinctively answered that question with an easy "yes" because I couldn't do my job without them.

It takes a team, especially when it comes to some of the larger projects. I work with at least seven teammates in Athletics and Communications to put together the Summer Youth Newsletter. That project is definitely a group effort.

We hand our drafts back and forth so many times that I lose count. If you find a spelling error, it wasn't for lack of trying to correct it on our end. We check and recheck that the dates, times and descriptions of our incredible summer programs are just right.

Our team wants to make sure that you know about Swim Camp, All-Sports Camp, Teenie Tennis, Triathlon Camp, Art Camp, Lego Camp and Teens for Fitness. And those are just a few of the offerings! There are some new camps in Recreation this summer that make me wish I were five again.

Then there are the changes that come with a new season—seasonal projects that we all enjoy putting together.

The Aquatics team and other departments really work hard as we prepare to open the outdoor pool on Memorial Day. Lisa and Karen take care of the incredible landscaping; our Facilities team makes sure the pool is ready for swimming; Amy and Gina prepare for the onslaught of towels in laundry; Michael gets his team ready for pool-side foodservice from Splash; and I continue to train our lifeguards to be prepared for, and to prevent, accidents and injuries.

The Bellevue Club staff is all on the same side, working toward the same goal, no matter what that goal may be on any given day.

So when asked if "team members" is the correct term for Bellevue Club employees, the answer is a definite yes.

Enjoy the outdoor pool this upcoming season, and don't forget to protect yourself from the sun. For BC pool rules, see page 34.

Just keep swimming!

Aquatics Director
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