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Employee Spotlight

Heather Wysong

November 2013

Heather Wysong

Employee Spotlight

Position: Cocktail Server.
Worked at the BC: Four years.
Best memory made at the Club: After orientation, I was so turned around that I got lost for 15 minutes on my first day before someone showed me where the bar was.
Favorite part about my job: Learning about different wines, cocktails and food.
Favorite hobbies: Shooting at the range, taking my dog to the mountains and playing sports with my kids.
Three words to describe me: Witty, hardworking and fun.
Siblings: Two older brothers.
Favorite food: Seafood risotto.
Favorite movie: I try to find anything that will scare me.
I would never: run with the bulls.
I just can’t live without: My kids.
An item on my bucket list: Visit Australia.
Favorite place in the world: Taking my kids to the park or pool.

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