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food trucks

the new meals on wheels

November 2013

Emma Wilson


ChefsThe food truck craze isn’t just a Seattle staple; it’s a movement that has trucked across the bridge. Food trucks all over the Eastside are serving up mouthwatering dishes every day, and the mobile kitchens are definitely more than your average meals on wheels.

But, why a truck? One look into a hot, cramped kitchen would have just about anyone begging for personal space and air conditioning, but the enterprising individuals behind this movement just keep on keeping on.

One such individual, Robert Herevia of Tuscan Stone Pizza, explains the method behind the madness. "Food trucks allow you to have a lower overhead, along with offering unique food items that storefronts might be afraid to try."

The dramatically lower overhead explains, in part, how the mobile restaurants got so hot all of a sudden. The Great Recession made it difficult for would-be restaurateurs to start their own brick-and-mortar storefronts, so they turned to trucks to deliver their gourmet fare to the masses—literally. "It’s just something different," Herevia says. "Being mobile, being all over the place, allows us to offer a great product without that big overhead."

Having a great product is key to having a successful food truck, in what is now a booming foodie culture; so, many food trucks angle for a niche in which to offer up their grub. That’s why around town and into Seattle you’ll find trucks of every variety, from pies to Korean barbecue, coffee to cheesesteaks and more.

"You always want to come out with something new, something different," Herevia says. "So we came out with pizza, and, even better, wood-fired pizza because there aren’t many trucks like this out there."

Tuscan Stone is doing pizza right, with a flaming hot stone pizza oven making crisp, bubbling pizzas right in front of the customer.

But, as the consumer, keeping up with a mobile restaurant can be tough. Now, though, more food trucks are signing leases with parking lot owners to keep their locations consistent so that their customers don’t have to drive all over town in search of their favorite food.

You can also find virtually all food trucks online. In keeping with their "mobile" theme, food trucks rely heavily on social media to inform their fans on where they’ll be next. Many trucks have their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or websites, and it’s easy to compare the top trucks on ratings websites, such as Yelp. The site is great to check before lunch for the daily or weekly schedules.

The trucks’ loud graphics, or sometimes bold cuisine, are serious business, and for you, a potential favorite. With low prices, cool people and fabulous food, you won’t be disappointed.

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