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body | mind photoKoinoniphobia: fear of groups of people
For some, socializing can be scary, which can prevent people from venturing outside of their comfort zones. But the Club offers enough social activities that whether you feel like acting out a murder mystery (Oct. 11) gambling for charity (Oct. 18) or taking a cooking class (Oct. 26) you can find the right fit and size of group to fit your personality. Let's have some fun this fall.

—Kaarin Keil, Membership Director

Samhainophobia: fear of Halloween
Sugary treats may make some watching their sweets intake wary of the upcoming holiday. But if you're trying to stay on track, while indulging a little, opt for the mini-sized candy bars rather than the fun-sized, as the minis tend to be smaller. Also, if you're prepping for trick-or-treaters by keeping your cupboards stocked, purchase candy you don't like, so there won't be any temptation at all.

— Wendy Camaano, Wellness Director

Dermatosiophobia: fear of skin diseases
Our skin's ability to reflect light is what gives us that youthful glow. Unfortunately, as we near our mid-to-late 20s, the skin's ability to renew itself begins to slow. This causes skin to become dull, rough, dry and uneven. One can limit these effects through regular exfoliation and massage; added benefits include the release of toxins, increasing blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin production. 

— Natalie Rubio, Spa Aesthetician

body | mind photoWhen it's more than feeling sad
If you are experiencing feelings of depression, lethargy, fatigue, sleep problems and a lack of interest in activities, you may have Major Depressive Disorder. Join Overlake psychiatrists as they cover how you can better manage the condition and reduce the symptoms.

Saturday, Oct. 5
6:30- 8 p.m., FREE

Heart Healthy Nutrition
As we age, we still need plenty of vitamins and minerals, but less fat and fewer calories. Learn how to eat well while cutting fats and cholesterol. Meet an Overlake wellness dietitian to review guidelines for eating well.

Thursday, Oct. 24
2-3:30 p.m., FREE
Registration required. 425-688-5259

Overlake Hospital Medical Center

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