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editor's picks

editor's picks


Seven of these goodies will guarantee happy trick-or-treaters, and three will forever deem your house as the one to skip.


  1. Candy Corn. You'd think this would make the "ditch" list, but candy corn was the top-selling treat in 2012 at 20 million pounds. So apparently, more people like it than they'd care to admit.
  2. Snickers Bar. Chocolate-covered nuts and caramel. It's so gooey and so chewy, even the biggest goblins enjoy it—bite-sized to king-size.
  3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. This candy is perfect in its versatility. You can pop them in your mouth in their bite form, savor them in their cup form and share them in their two-cup form … if you're sweet enough to do such a thing.
  4. Kit Kat. Give me a … bite. These addictive sticks have been around for almost 80 years, and their perfect layers are a perfect pair with goodie bags.
  5. Twix. Rounding out the chocolates, the baby of the chocolate bar world (it was introduced in the U.S. in 1979) is a duo that's been transformed into multiple flavors. Make no mistake, though, the original is what the kids crave.
  6. Sour Patch Kids. Any candy that gives you a funny face while you consume it is bound to be a favorite among the younger set. These fruity, sour chews are just the right amount of pucker and won't leave tongues feeling raw.
  7. Skittles. It's one of the most-liked brands on Facebook, with more than 25 million thumbs-ups. While their commercials remain eccentric, the candy remains light and delicious.
  1. Smarties. Talk about a trick-or-treating disappointment. These chalky nibbles are more reminiscent of medical chewables than real candy.
  2. Flavored Tootsie Rolls. The original Tootsie is great, but the off-brand flavored rolls always taste a little, well, off. These should only be found in a business center's candy dish, and not by your front door on Halloween.
  3. Raisins. No child craves nature's candy on Halloween. They want the artificial sugar stuff, and getting a box of raisins is nearly as bad as receiving a toothbrush.


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