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editor's picks photo8 WAYS TO TAILGATE LIKE A CHAMPION
Finally. Football season is here. If you're lucky enough to make it to a game this year, do it like a champion; not a runner-up.

  1. Arrive early. You need to snag the right spot. You know the one—near the Porta-Potty bank, but not too close. The one surrounded by fellow fans and not the opposing team. The one with enough room for your food spread, chairs and portable games.
  2. Pack a miniature propane grill. Food contributes to 90 percent of any successful tailgate. That's just simple math. Since there's usually a ban on charcoal grills, fire up that gas grill and start cooking. You'll have more energy
    to cheer with a belly full of bratwurst.
  3. Provide for the masses. The more food you have on the tables surrounding your lot, the more fans you'll attract. Leave out snacks and grill items, and the people will come. Tailgating is about camaraderie, and sharing (and trash-talking) is the quickest way to bring people together.
  4. Plan for the unexpected. Make sure to pack tarps in case a rainstorm blows in, and pack battery-operated fans in case it's supposed to smolder. It should be a fun day, so you don't want to be at the weather's mercy.
  5. Entertain a crowd. Whether you blare your college fight song, your team's touchdown anthem or your best friend Frank sings at the top of his lungs, the more fun you have, the more fellow fans you'll attract.
  6. Gather your posse. For rivalry games especially, it's always best to roll with a crowd. Make sure the spots next to you are filled by your teammates, so when (inevitably) the opponents stroll through your camp they'll do so quickly.
  7. Be responsible. Always have plenty of trash bags on hand. If you're feeding the masses or handing out red cups like party favors, it's imperative to pick up after yourself (and your friends). Always leave room in your truck for trash for after the game, and dump it where designated.
  8. Stay clean. The most-devoted tailgaters know to pack their own toilet paper because the Porta-Potty always seem to run out right before kickoff. The smartest tailgaters also know to pack hand sanitizer and to use it liberally.


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