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Having celebrated my one-year anniversary at the Bellevue Club recently, I now feel a bit more at liberty to comment on some of the aspects of the Club that are close to my heart.

As some of you are aware, I spent a number of years prior to joining the BC family working in food and beverage in Hawaii on the islands of Maui and Lanai. That period was a great learning experience for me in a number of ways, but the lessons that I've most tried to retain and re-introduce wherever I've subsequently worked are how successful businesses in Hawaii invariably incorporate the ideas of aloha and ohana into their DNA.

 The literal meaning of aloha is "the presence of breath" or "the breath of life," but in a broader sense it is a way of living that places enormous emphasis on treating each other with understanding, compassion and respect.

In the same regard, ohana is more of a notion in Hawaiian culture. The word means family in the Hawaiian language, but in a much more encompassing sense, it refers to one's cousins, in-laws, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The idea is that family and friends are inexorably linked and that all must work in harmony for the good of the whole.

 What I discovered, happily, upon starting work at BC was that it has long prided itself on these ideals, not only in the way in which employees and staff are treated but also, more importantly, in the many and varied daily interactions between staff and members.

In this regard, the transition to the Club has felt very much like a homecoming.

We in Polaris and Cosmos particularly embrace this ethic.

While it goes without saying that the ownership has provided a remarkable venue, that the food prepared by Executive Chef Paul Marks and his team is exceptional and that the cocktails Zach pours his heart into are both exciting and of terrific value, I believe that it is the warmth and sincerity of the staff that sets us apart and makes the member experience in our outlets truly memorable.

We pride ourselves, not only on the way in which we openly welcome you into the restaurant, but also on the way in which we work to foster relationships and friendships with all of you.

I hope that if you haven't already done so, you will join us in Cosmos and Polaris in the very near future, so that we can welcome you warmly into our ohana.

Polaris Manager
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