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Editor's Letter

Travel Season Has Arrived

April 2014

Lauren Hunsberger

Editor's Letter

This issue pretty much speaks for itself.

Lauren Hunsberger photo

It is the Travel and Adventure issue, and from cover to cover it is packed with information about incredible places to go and big adventures to have. Some of the trips are local enough that you can drive there in a day, and others are half way around the world. 

And I could spend my entire letter trying to convince you of the many benefits of traveling and going on trips like those featured in the issue, but it seems unnecessary. In the end, everyone lucky enough to travel usually already knows the significant impact it can have on your life. Instead, I’d rather just give you a few more places to go and fun, challenging things to put on your bucket list.

That said, be sure to check out the “Adventures in Washington” story on page 26. It details how to get a few hometown thrills, whether you prefer skydiving, kite surfing or viewing the Aurora Borealis safely from the ground.

If you really want to physically challenge yourself this summer, you can read “Summit Season” on page 48. Member Steven Salta and Bellevue Club trainer Christin Tercek helped us create a beginner’s guide to summiting a glacial mountain. There is no experience necessary for this adventure.

Those looking for something a little more exotic might enjoy the story of how member Louie DeArias walked more than a combined 2,200 miles across Europe, and why he isn’t planning to stop any time soon. And in the same vein, starting on page 38, we introduce you to some of the wildest, most exotic hotels in the world, including accommodations in Thailand, Sweden, Zanzibar and more.

So no matter your speed or style, there is no shortage of inspiration or reasons to start packing your bags. Happy traveling!


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