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Anchors Aweigh

bottle talk

August 2014

Written by
Samantha Storz

Bottle Talk

Anchors AweighIt’s summertime in the Pacific Northwest, and chances are you’ll find yourself on a boat at some point. To get into shipshape, mix up something for the occasion. These nautical-inspired cocktails are tried, tested and proven seaworthy.

The Swashbuckler—A swashbuckler is a swaggering or daring soldier or adventurer with this cocktail in hand. A shot of Captain Morgan shaken up with cream soda and ice, garnished with an orange slice and cherry. If you aren’t swashbuckling already, you will be after a few of these.

Paloma—Light and fruity, this is a refreshing alternative to a margarita. The Paloma contains a shot of tequila, fresh grapefruit soda and a little lime juice through a salted rim. 

Hemingway—Said to be Ernest Hemingway’s cocktail of choice, the Hemingway is Atlantico Rum with fresh lime, simple syrup, one egg white, plus a splash of grapefruit. Stir up the egg white first, then add the rest and shake. Perhaps it inspired The Old Man and the Sea? 

Drunken Sailor—What should you do with a drunken sailor? Drink it! This drink is a potent mixture of gold rum, gold tequila, ginger ale and pineapple juice. The ginger helps steady your sea legs. 

The Perfect Storm—When a powerful combination of ingredients occurs in one glass simultaneously, a perfect storm is made. A shot of Sailor Jerry rum with a squeeze of fresh lime is mixed with two dashes of bitters and ginger beer. Secure the hatches! 

Red Sky at Night—This one goes right down the hatch after a long day. The secret ingredient is purple basil. Purple basil, lemon juice and crushed ice are muddled in a lowball glass. Add rum, stir, then add ginger beer. As the stars come out, the flavor will steep and become the end to a perfect evening. 

Low Tide Martini—It may look like you’re drinking a tide pool, but don’t worry. This tasty cocktail is six parts vodka to one part dry vermouth, plus a lime twist and a teaspoon of clam juice. Stuff your olive with a smoked clam.

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