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August 2014

Written by
Samantha Storz

City Scene

Bellevue Botanical Garden

The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a gorgeous reflection of the beauty that can sprout up from one of the rainiest climates in the country. And with a host of special programming offered in late summer, it may just be the perfect time to explore it all.

On August 12, the curator for the Miller Botanical Garden, Richie Steffen, will teach students how to choose the most reliable plants for shady gardens. Bat expert Barbara Ogaard teaches a class on August 20 called “Goin’ Batty!” to teach the public about why bats are so crucial to our ecosystem. August 23, Lesli Cohan teaches a workshop on location scouting and garden photography. As autumn progresses, a diverse scope of classes is offered on vegetable gardening, ferns, edible perennials, self-maintained gardening and plant hunting.

Those who want a little less structure can opt to stroll through the numerous cultivated gardens, restored woodlands and natural wetlands. A relatively new and unique feature is the Ravine Experience, extending across a heavily forested ravine. The 150-foot suspension bridge allows observers to cross over the ravine without disturbing the forest floor. 

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