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Not your average dance class

January 2014

Lauren Hunsberger


Rizzmic photo

Rizzmic is a dance-based fitness class, but it is far from your average Zumba class. Cofounders—and Seattle locals—Cory Crawford and Melain Blue made sure of that.  

“We get asked a lot about how Rizzmic is different from Zumba, and I think the biggest differences are there’s no world music, no Latin music, and no signature steps. In Zumba, there are 18 steps, with some variations, but for the most part that’s it,” Blue says. “There’s no repetition like that in Rizzmic; it’s more athletic, more aggressive, and has a lot more power.”

Another distinguishing factor is that Rizzmic does not have an “anything goes” factor, like some of the other dance fitness programs out there right now. The friends, business partners and longtime fitness instructors say they designed Rizzmic to have a very focused vein to create consistency, which is hugely important to them as they grow their brand across the country, with instructors now in places like Boston and Minnesota.

So what is that focus? In short, it’s American music.

“We saw a need to bring American music and values back into dance and fitness,” says Crawford. “And take it to a place where it has never been.”

The lengthier explanation is that Rizzmic is a dance fitness class that pulls inspiration from three distinct genres of American music: hip-hop, jazz, and Americana (a mash-up of iconic songs and dance styles, including rock, country, swing and others). This means in one class you could see everything from the Charleston to hardcore street hip-hop to disco to a style known as whacking.

“We combed hundreds of years of music and identified what was popular and well known enough and also relatable to fitness,” Blue says. “It’s a huge melting pot of dance.”

Crawford and Blue say this diversity makes the class fun for a wide variety of health seekers, as there is a style of music and dance for everyone. But they also say the variety makes for the perfect environment to sweat.

“With Rizzmic you’re going to jump high and get low, go from the back of the room, to the front of the room,” Crawford says. “All the different movements create great muscle confusion.” 

Rizzmic classes are currently available at a handful of local places, including the Bellevue Club, where both cofounders teach. Crawford’s classes are Wednesdays noon-1 p.m. and Saturdays 9-10:15 a.m.; Blue’s classes are on Mondays 5-6 p.m.  

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