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first impressions

editor's letter

January 2014

Lauren Hunsberger

Editor's Letter

Editor's photoHaving recently moved to the Pacific Northwest (all the way from the heat and humidity of Savannah, Georgia), the most common question I am asked is, “What are your first impressions of the area and people?” As expected, I have many.

Before I stepped off the plane in September, I had never been to the area. Everyone I talked to prior to the move had an opinion on what I should expect, none of which will shock you. They said it’s often cloudy, cold and rainy, so get a few good rain jackets; there are an endless nymber of coffee shops, so build a healthy tolerance to caffeine and highly-caffeinated people; and Seahawks fans are really—extraordinarily—loud, so be fair warned. And yes, I found out first-hand that all of those things are for the most part true.

But there was another first impression I quickly got that I did not expect. I come from a very active family, and for many years, I have been a long distance runner, yogi, swimmer, surfer, and general outdoor enthusiast. I even managed to check off running a marathon on my bucket list. However, after spending just a short amount of time in the area—and specifically here at the Bellevue Club—I realized I have nothing on Pacific Northwesterners.

Everyone seems to have a story about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, heli-skiing, ski racing, completing an Ironman or two, mountain biking hundreds of miles down the coast, or an equally impressive physical feat. Even those who haven’t actually climbed a mountain like Mount Everest, seem to have summited a symbolic one. The amount of motivation swarming around the city is palpable. 

My point is that from an outsider’s point of view there is a distinct characteristic to those that live here which seems to see no mountain, whether literal or figurative, as too high to climb. And it’s unbelievably inspiring—which is now my first and only answer when I am asked what I think about the region. 

That being said, I hope that with my first issue as the editor of Reflections, I can give back even just a sliver of that inspiration. Appropriately deemed the Fitness Issue, all the articles are specially crafted to help you get the most out of your next fitness, health, or sports-related goal (because I know you’ve got one!).

If your next goal is a physical one, check out the “Battle of the Trainers” [p. 28] feature, and get some insider tips from the experts. If you want advice on how to boost your health, be sure to read the fascinating interview with the Club’s own naturopathic doctor in “Naturopathy 101” [p. 50]. Or if the only inspiration you need is a shiny new toy, take a look at our first annual “Cold Weather Gear Guide” [p. 38]. 

And no matter what your goal is, I hope that you will continue to share your stories with us at Reflections and our readers. But for now, see you on the mountains. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Lauren Hunsberger, Editor

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