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laurelee misseghers

January 2014

Laurelee Misseghers

Employee Spotlight

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Position: Registered Dietitian
Worked at the BC: 1.5 years
Best memory made at the Club: When a Your Body Your Life client told me all the things that had changed for her after losing weight—including the fact that her own mother didn’t recognize her in the parking lot!
Favorite part about my job: Working with people to help them reach their goals and achieve better health.
Three words to describe me: Cheerful, dedicated, caring.
hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, and reading books about nutrition and health so I can continue to learn.

Siblings: One younger brother, who is a doctor in California.
Favorite food: Hard to say—I like so many!  Right now, it’s probably peaches.
Favorite movie: The Dish, or most of the Jane Austen movies.
I would never: want to live without Christ in my life.
I just can’t live without: Internet.
An item on my bucket list: Doing an archaeological dig in Israel or Jordan.
Favorite place in the world: Being with family—wherever that may be.  

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