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first impressions

Editor's Letter

Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest (all the way from the heat and humidity of Savannah, Georgia), the most common question I am asked is, “What are your first impressions of the area and...

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employee spotlight

Laurelee Misseghers

Learn more about one of the Club's registered dietitians.

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borchgrave in bellevue

City Scene

When Isabelle de Borchgrave goes about constructing a new dress or pair of shoes for her collection, she uses a much different approach than most designers do.

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cold weather gear

Part 1

With every new season of winter sports, comes an avalanche of new cold-weather gear.

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empowering the youth


All it takes is a hearty dose of proactivity, education and encouragement to help them as a generation eat healthier and play more (video games excluded).

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chef's corner

Hearty Chicken and Winter Root Vegetable Soup

Executive chef Paul Marks dishes out the secrets behind his favorite healthful, cold-weather soup.

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fitness through the ages


With every new year comes another birthday, making you another year wiser and another year older. And with age, things can slow down—joints get creakier, metabolism seems to screech to a...

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Fall Men's Basketball League

Connect and find out what’s happening in your community and your club.

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post-workout cocktails

Bottle Talk

Here’s a list of cocktails that are delicious but won’t cause complete destruction to your diet.

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battle of the trainers


Hailing from all corners of the Northwest, with various heights, weights and styles, meet the contenders of Bellevue Club’s Battle of the Trainers

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Bellevue North Shopping Center

Gordon James Fine Diamonds