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battle of the sexes

bottle talk

July 2014

Written By
Samantha Storz

Bottle Talk

Bottle Talk photococktails for Chicks

Lavanda Most girls love flowers every now and then, especially in a cocktail. Pluck a few sprigs of lavender, and boil it down to create a lavender-infused syrup. Mix it with gin and bubbly prosecco over ice. This sweet nectar is especially great for garden parties. 

Bailey’s Chocolatini There are moments when a woman needs chocolate and others that call for a drink. Then there are the days where she needs both. Simply mix Bailey’s Irish Cream, Smirnoff vodka and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur in a glass and enjoy. 

Pink Torpedoes This recipe is a crowd pleaser. Chill a mixture of vodka, strawberries and sugar over night. In the morning, strain out the good stuff, give it a splash of limoncello and a sparkle of champagne. The result is a punch perfect for ladies’ night.

Blue Agave Sipper Save this one for football season. This drink mixes tequila with blue curaçao, lime juice and agave to show off Seahawks blue with a green lime garnish. Cheers to the 12th woman! 

Coconut Water Colada Get the benefits of coconut water with a little kick. Rum shaken with coconut milk and coconut water is a soothing alternative to ultra-sweet tropical drinks, while still staying inspired by distant island locations. 

Bottle Talk photodrinks for dudes

Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria A job for the ultimate grill master. This drink involves roasting grapes, orange and lemon wheels on the grill, and then adding them to your favorite sangria recipe. The key ingredient to this drink is a clean grill. 

Vieux Caree If elegance is what you’re after, this is the drink for you. This jazzy New Orleans number plays a trio of rye whiskey, cognac and sweet vermouth over a harmony of bitters. Pronounced voh care-eh. 

Fighting Irish Inspired by famous Irish American outlaw John Morrissey, this fiery drink is sure to put hair on your chest. It includes Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky, pineapple, lemon, almond and a kick of chili pepper. 

Billionaire’s Margarita A day on the yacht calls for the right refreshments. This exclusive margarita includes only the good stuff: Patrón and Grand Marnier with lime juice. Salt the rim and you’re ready to sail south. 

Hole in One Spike the Arnold Palmer! A long day of golf is the right occasion for this classic drink. Just pour a shot or two of Johnnie Walker in unsweetened tea with honey and lemon and you’ll get a hole in one no matter what. 


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