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battle of the sexes or joining of the forces?

Editor's Letter

July 2014

Written By
Lauren Hunsberger

Editor's Letter

Lauren HunsbergerThe idea that men and women inherently possess different strengths and weaknesses is nothing new. It has been written about and discussed since the beginning of time. It’s been the topic of best-selling books, award-winning albums and has even been played out in athletic arenas, with the most famous “battle of the sexes” match being between tennis players Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

But lately, as people seem to be more interested in dissolving gender stereotypes rather than perpetuating them, I think the more engaging conversation is what the genders can learn from each other and where similarities exist, rather than an oversimplified compare and contrast exercise. 

That being said, as you read through our first ever Battle of the Sexes issue, you’ll notice that much of the content plays on the idea that men and women bring different things to the table. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of crossover; the activities, ideas and stories inside this issue are for everyone.

For example, check out our travel feature on Lake Chelan on page 48. The original idea was to present separate girls’ and guys’ trips. But, as it started to come together, we realized the concept was slightly problematic. After all, who doesn’t like wine tasting, water sports and BBQ? Instead, the result is a mix and match of options that will create a fun trip for anyone who wants to round up a group of friends and head east for the weekend.

Similarly, our guide to Eastside single life, To Mingle or Not to Mingle?, on page 26 is packed with ideas that are great for a night out on the town—whether you’re with your girlfriends, a bunch of boys or, even better, a combination of both.

And, our member profile, True Grit, features Nick and Danielle Sorensen, a couple that exemplifies just how strong and healthy a family can be when the sexes come together to create an unshakeable family philosophy and way of life.

So as you’re flipping through the pages, I encourage you to have fun with the concept and discover where your own crossover exists.

Lauren Hunsberger
Reflections Editor

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