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bellevue zip tour

city scene

July 2014

Written By
Samantha Storz

City Scene

zip line tourHarness up and fly from branch to branch at the Bellevue Zip Tour. 

Instead of strolling through the trees this summer, try swinging. Located in Eastgate Park, the Bellevue Zip Tour is made up of ropes strung through the old maple and Douglas fir forest. The park is a convenient 10 minutes away from the Bellevue Club, although from the tree-tops, adventure seekers will feel like they have embarked on a real jungle safari. The course includes seven zip lines and two bridges, with lines measuring up to 600 feet long and reaching 80 feet off the ground. Rest in the boughs of a Big Leaf Maple Tree and take in calming views of Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak. Channel Tarzan and Jane for a fun date night option. Tour rates are $69 for adults and $44 for youth.

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