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Editor's Letter

A Place to Call Home

March 2014

Lisa Yost


Lauren Hunsberger photoEveryone has a non-negotiable when creating an ideal home.

For me, a large, open kitchen is the top priority because I love to cook, especially for and with other people. So it needs to have ample counter space for chopping, enough seating for friends and family to gather, and lots of storage.

For others, their must-have might be a TV room, where high-tech entertainment systems and comfortable couches reign supreme for watching sports and action movies. Or, it might be the master bathroom, where long afternoon soaks in a tub are top priority. Perhaps it is a reading nook, a home bar or even a dirty garage turned into a workshop that makes you feel at home.

For TV and radio personality Ciscoe Morris, that place is undoubtedly the garden. And after spending decades digging in the dirt at his home garden, he shared some tips about growing plants in the Pacific Northwest on page 54, just in case your sanctuary involves a green thumb.

But your non-negotiable might not be an actual space or room. Some people prefer certain architectural styles and features. For a large group of Washington homeowners, a home that produces a small environmental footprint is of the utmost importance. Those who want the best of both worlds, a modern design and innovative green living, right here on the Eastside should read “The Betterment of Homebuilding” on page 38.

And yet for even others, the main criterion is location. Maybe your home needs to be close enough to the mountains for an easy escape into nature, or maybe you prefer an address that’s right in the center of the city, in the heart of all the action. Maybe that location is especially important because it is where you are planning to invest in a second home. If that’s the case, be sure to check out our feature “Home Sweet (Vacation) Home” on page 44.

No matter what your non-negotiable is I hope that our Home Issue will give you a few extra reasons to spend more time doing what you love to do in a home you love.

Lauren Hunsberger, Editor

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