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Our Culture, Our Club


May 2014

Written By
Donna Gray


Up-front PhotoWorkplace culture. These two mysterious words evoke much emotion and debate in modern-day business literature. But the impact of a strong, positive workplace culture is unmistakable. It is the collection of employee values, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes and behaviors. Studies have convincingly shown that workplace culture will triumph over a company’s business strategy, policies, practices and training. And that’s why I have such a passion for this topic—our success depends on getting it right.  

My 17 years as an HR practitioner have taught me that every business is shaping its own workplace culture, either intentionally or unintentionally. At the Bellevue Club, we are truly intentional about our own culture. We strive for service excellence, open communication, growth and development, and creating great days at work. And we expect those values in every new employee we invite into our community. We want them to create great days at the Club not just for themselves but also for you!

So what do we look for when interviewing potential newcomers to join our community? While the appropriate combination of skills, education and experience is always essential, what is arguably more important for us is what makes up their “will” factor.  What motivated them to apply to the Bellevue Club? What motivates them to perform at their best? How have they gone above and beyond the call of duty? What are their personal standards for service excellence, open communication, growth and development, and creating great days at work? And how have they applied those standards to their past jobs? The collective “will” of a company’s employees can have a positive, powerful impact. Add a dynamic leadership team—and the sky’s the limit. That’s why it is so important to our Human Resources team to diligently seek, select and retain employees who embrace our workplace culture.  

With spring upon us, we will require additional staff to help us through this busy period. If you happen to know someone who has that winning combination of skill and will, tell them about us. They can apply for current job openings, or simply stay in touch with us by going to our website, And feel free to share this article with them so they can prepare for the interview. We will be asking those questions.

Human Resources Director

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