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giving thanks

heard in the halls

November 2014

Heard in the Halls

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday we asked members and staff at the Club what they are thankful for this year. we think Their answers speak for themselves. 

Thanksgiving photo


1. I have to pick just one?
2.  Family and friends 
3. What am I not thankful for?
4. To still be in love with my husband
5. Wine
6. My boss
7. To be alive
8. That I woke up
9. Puppy kisses 
10. Good water to drink 
11. Bacon and cupcakes
12. Yoga
13. That I’m a mom
14. Jon Ryan and Steven Hauschka
15. My best friend
16. Our Bellevue Club intern

Kids (Age 3)

1. Spiderman
2.  Candy 
3. Chutes and Ladders
4. Helping my mom shop
5. Basketball and tennis
6. Wolves
7. Mommy
8. Shapes 
9. My dog 
10. Volcanoes 
11. Painting  

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