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eat now, cry later

heard in the halls

October 2014

Written by
Lauren Hunsberger

Heard in the Halls

BaconThe results are in. The Bellevue Club has compiled an anonymous list of its members’ and employees’ guiltiest food pleasures.


1. Cheese enchiladas (the whole pan)

2. Doritos and pudding
3. Pizza with cottage cheese
4. Red Vines
5. The entire Cheesecake Factory menu
6. Spray cheese
7. Whoopie pies
8. French fries
9. Brownie sundae with perfectly melted fudge
10. Mocha milkshake from Luna 
11. S’mores
12. Beer
13. Cold Stone banana-flavored ice cream with almonds
14. Blast O Butter popcorn
15. Mac & cheese with ketchup
16. Anything with bacon in it, on it, or wrapped up in it.

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