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Kids' Fashion


Eva Blanchard

Art Direction
Lauren Hunsberger

A few of Bellevue Club’s youngest ventured into the woods to show off the cutest trends in kids’ fall fashion, just in time for back-to-school.

ON HER: dress: [$168], Embroidered Front Eloise Dress, Flora and Henri

ON HIM: shirt: [$18], Build Forts, b. children’s wear.
ON HER: sweatshirt: [$32], Petal Pullover, b. children’s wear

ON HIM: shirt: [$18], Just Add Dirt,  b. children’s wear
ON HER: sweatshirt: [$30], Before the Bell Rings, b. children’s wear skirt: [$44], Jean Skirt Stretch, Flora and Henri


  cardigan: [$28], Pleated Front Cardigan, b. children’s wear


ON HER: sweatshirt: [$35], Layered Circles Hoodie, b. children’s wear tank: [$18], Love is Simple Tank, b. children’s wear
ON HIM: shirt: [$30], OOAK Anchor Sweatshirt, b. children’s wear
ON HER: shirt: [$30], Bow Pullover, b. children’s wear

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