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The Washington State Ski & Snowboard Museum, the area’s first museum dedicated to snow sports, opened in October. Thanks to a recent interview with the president, here’s what ski and snowboard enthusiasts can expect.

“Did you know the state of Washington has produced 39 Olympians and World Cup champions?” asks Dave Moffett. “Not too many people do. It was a shock to me when we were doing research.”

With the purpose of educating people about this rich history and impact on the ski and snowboarding sports, Moffett, president of the organization, led the opening of the WSSSM in October. However, the idea and drive for a Washington-based ski and snowboard museum, he says, originated with a group of local enthusiasts called the Ancient Skiers over three decades go.

“It’s a relief that it’s finally open,” Moffett says, adding that the museum will include homage to many of these original pioneers and personalities. 

“People can expect to learn more about snow sports and the industry and related activities. There’s so much to the mountains, like backcountry and Nordic skiing, telemarking, traditional alpine skiing and snowboarding. It’s all represented,” Moffett says. “And it takes a big view of the whole state.”

The WSSSM, which has approximately 1,200 square feet of gallery space and currently features 12 multimedia exhibitions, is set in between the Commonwealth Restaurant and Dru Bru Beer Tap Room & Brewery at Snoqualmie Pass. Moffett found the location a perfect fit. “My family has a rich heritage here, starting with my folks. My father constructed the first rope tow in 1937, and we owned the four ski areas on Snoqualmie Pass until 1997,” he says.

The museum is free, open to the public and functions as a nonprofit. This means the museum solely relies on fund-raising efforts to keep the doors open. The WSSSM has a large board of athletes and local notable figures connected to the sports, including Dollie and Hugh Armstrong (parents of Olympic gold medalist Debbie Armstrong).

“It’s going to be one of those things for which we’re going to need continual support,” Moffett says.

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