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January 2015

Written by
Lauren Hunsberger


As the weather shifts and winter arrives, it may be time to mix up your cardio and conditioning workouts in the Club. Here are a few ideas to keep your workouts fun and challenging, courtesy of Bellevue Club trainer Rose Nelson. 
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1:  Create your own “indoor triathlon” 

Start with a 500-meter row on the rowing machine, followed by a five-mile bike ride on one of the indoor bikes, and finish with a two-mile run. Once this becomes easy and you can beat your time, double the distance.

2:  StairMaster Intervals  

The big StairMaster with revolving steps is quite possibly the most challenging and most effective piece of cardio equipment available. This machine is great for developing leg strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Try using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for maximum effectiveness. Start with a five-minute warm up at a moderate pace. Then go into 12-20 minutes of interval training: one minute fast alternating with one minute slow. Your fast intervals should be challenging, but you should be able to maintain good form.  
Your slow intervals (still with good form) should allow your heart rate to recover before your next fast interval. Finish the program with a five-minute cool down, similar to your warm-up pace.  

Most importantly, focus on good form. Do not lean on the handlebars. Keep an upright posture, and use the handrails for balance and safety, not for resting your upper body while your legs do the work.  

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3:  Circuit Training with the Elliptical or Arc Trainer

Create a circuit that combines strength exercises with cardiovascular intervals. The “quick start” feature on these machines is ideal for this type of program.  

For example:  
• Start with a five-minute warm-up on your selected piece of equipment.
• Perform 20 repetitions each of: 
    - Bodyweight squats
    - Pushups
    - Resistance band pull-aparts
    - Alternating lunges
    - Burpees
    - Spiderman plank hold
    - Three minutes fast on Elliptical or Arc Trainer
• Repeat circuit 3-5 times for a fast and effective workout 

4: Espresso Bike—The Dragon Chase Game!

If you haven’t created an account with the Espresso Bike, log in as a guest and try these fun and challenging rides. Then, create an account so you can try to beat your past times and scores.  
The Dragon Chase game is a fun way to make time fly while navigating twists and turns as you collect colored coins and chase dragons for points. Hint:  Go for the Silver Dragons! 

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