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Sail Lake Union


Set sail this summer for an adventure like no other. Head to The Center for Wooden Boats and get your sea legs as you learn to navigate the waters of Lake Union. Don’t know how to use a tiller or sail? Don’t worry; this venue specializes in helping new sailors.

Boats on the water

Children’s Programs (Ages 8 to 14)
This summer, The Center for Wooden Boats has expanded their popular Beginning Sailing workshop for kids by adding four El Toro pram sailboats to their fleet. Executive Director Michael Luis, a longtime Bellevue Club member, says aside from learning the basic science and skills necessary to sail, the kids will have a blast on the water. “The best part about it is you send them out there on the lake, and they always come back. It’s really hard to get hurt, and it’s a real confidence builder for the kids. Where else can you send an 8-year-old kid out on the water to really figure it out?” Luis says. He also notes that sailing is a great activity for almost all kids because there are very few barriers or prerequisites. 

Adult Programs
The Sail Now program is perfect for adults who are curious about sailing but lack any real nautical experience or knowhow. The first of seven lessons is spent in the classroom learning sailing theory and the basics of the sport. Then adults can hop aboard one of seven Blanchard Junior Knockabout boats. “These boats were built on Lake Union from the 30s to the 60s, and they are wonderful boats to sail,” Luis says. All lessons are taught by volunteer instructors, and each session features a new instructor with different stories and experiences to share. 

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