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June 2015


1. What is the E.A.S.T. program? E.A.S.T. (Elite Athlete Sports Training) is an athletic and educational development program for young athletes. What I do is create an environment for athletes of a wide range of ages and sports to coexist in one training setting, working on all different types of athletic-based performance. The unique thing about the program is it provides both a great teamwork environment and also individual based programing that has proven to work well for all athletes.

2. Who can benefit from it? I crafted the program for any young athlete who wants to excel in sports. But, it is also great for anyone just trying to improve his or her overall functional capacity or general strength for sports and life.

3. What can participants expect from the program? Each class targets the specific needs of the particular participants and the sports they are training for. But overall, the program is designed to help reduce injury and provide a high energy, motivating environment for athletes. 

4. What does the term “elite athlete” mean to you? To me, elite athletes are those trying to pursue greatness or those taking their performance to the next level. It’s any athlete who wants more—whether that is to run faster, get stronger, perform better or just feel better and more confident about the sports they play.

5. Where do you think most student athletes in general need the most help? I think student athletes need the most help creating and following through with program-specific goals. Most athletes tend to fall short of having a solid structured program and knowing exactly what it is they are training for and what to do to get there. Setting specific goals and a plan to reach them are the foundation of any solid program.

6. Is there anything else you want parents or athletes to know about the program? It is fun and inside a competitive friendly environment. The primary focus is training athletes for performance, and because of this the training sessions vary and are specialized. It feels like a family, and students get what they put in out of it.  


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